Company Profile


K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd., founded in 1883 (Meiji 16), consistently supplies products that meet the needs of the times diversifying as a trading company with a focus on food.
In the field of spice as the main axis, we secured the No. 1 position in the import volume. By placing our own factory "Kobe Spice Center" under its umbrella, we are offering processing that persists in safe and secure quality and a system that can cope with small quantities of various types, customizing spices that meet customers' requests .
For end users who do not know the company K. Kobayashi & co., ltd, I think that they have tasted our handling merchandise by using the menu of major food manufacturers and famous restaurants dealing with us as a medium .

As we celebrated our 135th anniversary in 2018, I think again, that the fact that we have responded quickly to that change in any age has created K. Kobayashi & co. ltd. today. We believe that it is our mission towards the 150th anniversary of our foundation to create new business by utilizing the know-how of our responses accumulated many times in its history and the network of trust.
For 50 and 100 years, we will further strengthen handling and expanding the handling of non-food items as well as foods that match the times, so that K. Kobayashi & co., ltd. can continue sustainable business.
In a constantly changing economic environment, as a partner to solve customers' subjects, we will discover raw materials and end products with high added value and safety, and create new value.
Please look forward to the future of K. Kobayashi & co., ltd in anticipation of the needs of the future and aiming for a constantly evolving trading company.

Representative Director and President (COO) Yutaka Nishimatsu